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David Lega, the disabled entrepreneur, speaker and World Champion in swimming is well-known in many countries around the world. Watch the introduction movie and read more about David's inspiring life here

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The not-so-official LegaWear Story

The two founders of LegaWear, David Lega and Andreas Stenerdahl, have known each other since the early nineties and have been travelling several laps around the world during the years. Everytime they were in Asia, David took the opportunity of tailoring suits for himself that actually fitted his body type and disability. This was the only way for David to buy the clothes that he actually needed for his profession and to feel comfortable during other occasions in life. It even happened, that trips to Asia were made solely to buy clothes, since this cost less than tailoring them back home in Sweden.
During a trip to Milan, fashion capital of the world, the idea of creating a clothes brand that fitted everyone came to them over a nice cup of espresso at a coffee shop close to the La Scala Opera. (To be honest, they weren't in Milan for the fashion, they were there for the great soccer teams that play on San Siro Stadium)
They took the idea back to Sweden and started to think of possible ways to make clothes that fits everyone. This was easier said, then done. Every alternative found, failed in different areas. Sometimes in quality, sometimes in how the clothes actually fitted the different bodies and sometimes they were simply too expensive.
In 2004, David and Andreas took the first of many trips to Thailand to work with the professional tailors there. After several trips, they managed to create a totally unique measurement system, that were extremely easy for people at home to understand and use. Also, the system needed to be perfect and understandable by the tailors that were located on the other side of the world.
It took more than a year of working really close with the tailors, before the system was ready to be introduced to the disabled communities in Sweden. After four years of clothes manufacturing only in Sweden, and a 'happy customer rate' of over 97%, they felt that it was time to let more people have the possibility of wearing clothes that they felt comfortable and looked good in.
About the same time, David got a phone call from a woman in the U.S. asking if he wanted to show off his clothes at fashion shows held at Abilities Expos all over the American continent together with their newly started magazine for disabled women. The magazine was Chloe Magazine, the woman and her colleagues were Kimberley, Amy and Madonna. David and Andreas said 'sure', and life has never been the same since. Together with the great Chloe girls and Mr. David Korse and his amazing partners at the Abilities Expo, they realized that the need for custom made clothes for people with disabilities were at least as big in the U.S. as in Sweden.
After another year of learning how americans wants their clothes and how they want to measure themselves, in spring 2010 LegaWear was ready to open up for the worldwide market. With new designs, new website and new partners in Sweden, David and Andreas are finally ready to write the next chapter of the LegaWear Story.

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About LegaWear

LegaWear is based on the principle that everyone, regardless of their type of bodies, needs nice and fashionable clothes. LegaWear started in 2005, and when introduced in Sweden, it was the first time that people with disabilities were able to buy suits that actually fitted, without being more expensive than for able-bodied people.

This is incredibly important since… People with disabilities have jobs. Naturally, not all of us have jobs, but more than ever. This means a much larger need to actually find appropriate clothes that actually fit. People with disabilities want to be well-dressed… It doesn’t matter if you’re at work, eating lunch, taking your loved one out or meeting the President.

Everyone has a need of clothes that fits and makes you feel well dressed. Today, there is no limit to what we can produce. If you are looking for something that isn’t available on LegaWear, don’t hesitate contacting us on info@legawear.com.

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